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LED lighting is a green light source: low working voltage, less power consumption, stable performance, long life (generally 100,000 hours), short response time, no pollution to the environment.Although the price is more expensive than the existing lighting equipment, it is still considered inevitable to replace the existing lighting devices.

So here are some common knowledge of LED lightings:

1.What is IP?

The IP protection level is composed of two digits:First number indicates that the luminaire is away from dust, and second digit to prevent the intrusion of the outer object indicates the airtight degree of the luminaire against moisture and waterproof intrusion.Higher number means high IP grade.

First Number

Second number

No protection
No protection
prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 50mm
Prevent dripping intrusion
prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 12mm
Tilt 15 degrees can still prevent dripping intrusion
Prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 2.5mm
to prevent the spraying of water intrusion
Prevent the intrusion of solids larger than 1.0mm
Prevent splash of water intrusion
Completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects
prevent the injection of water intrusion
completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects, and can completely prevent dust entry
to prevent the intrusion of big waves

to prevent water intrusion during immersion

to prevent the invasion of water when sinking

2.How to choose LED light?

A.Power and integrated light efficiency. The integrated luminous efficiency of LED lights refers to the luminous efficiencies of a product , and the unit is lumen/watt. The higher value of the Lantern Festival, better effect and more power-saving.

B.Chromogenic index and color temperature.The color index is an indicator of the ability of the light source, the perfect benchmark light source has a color index of 100,higher color index means more close to the real color of the object's color reaction.

C.Working status. LED lamps in normal working condition, temperature rise should be relatively low, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp bead at high temperature work, it will be a big light failure and lamp life will be greatly reduced. At the same time, when the lights are lit and closed, if there is a rapid flashing, it also indicates that there are quality problems.

3.Advantages of the LED light

Low energy consumption,

Long life span

Wide range of application

Richer colors

Less environmental pollution,

More cost savings

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